Benefit Systems Strategy

From the beginning of the activities of the Benefit Systems Group, our primary goal was to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among Poles, which over time we have expanded to other countries in which we are present. In our operations, we follow the win-win principle, putting mutual benefits and long-term partnership with our partners, customers, users, employees and other stakeholders first. The strategic directions of our activities include:

1.    Development of the product of sports cards and fitness clubs in Poland

Our strategic goal is to increase the number of active Poles using our sports cards. We estimate that the potential of the number of card users is from 1.8 to 2.2 million Poles. Our strategy in Poland assumes:

  • Increasing the number of sports cards by creating sustainable competitive advantages, using synergies with our other products, including the cafeteria platform, establishing and strengthening relationships with corporate clients through dedicated team and maintaining an attractive network of partners;
  • Development of the activity of fitness clubs - the main element of building a competitive advantage. Selective investments in sports facilities in the best locations in Poland. Development of an attractive offer for both MultiSport users and individual clients; also based on online services (Yes2Move online platform; e-commerce). Further integration and improvement of the efficiency of the fitness network.

2.    Support for the core business by developing a cafeteria platform and new products

Cafeteria platforms, thanks to which we build relationships with their clients' HR departments, are an important element of our sales strategy. In addition, we want to build new products to best address the needs of our customers and users. In these areas, we focus on:

  • Development of the cafeteria platform by constantly expanding the offer of non-wage benefits, developing own products (including BenefitLunch, MultiBilet) and investing in modern technological solutions;
  • Building and development of a MultiLife product based on online services in the area of healthy lifestyle, physical activity, personal development and mental well-being. Investments in optimal IT solutions supporting the construction and scaling of MultiLife.

3.    Development on foreign markets

Since 2010, Benefit Systems has continued its foreign expansion. The MultiSport program is currently available in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia. Our strategy on foreign markets assumes:

  • Dynamic development of the MultiSport program on the current markets based on a proven business model in which the sports cards offer is supported by investments in fitness infrastructure.
  • Searching for new ways of development and expansion into new markets, characterized by a significant level of fragmentation of the fitness industry, high urbanization rate, active and healthy lifestyle trends. Piloting the MultiSport program on the Turkish market.

4.    Being a socially responsible company

Social responsibility and sustainable development are inseparable elements of the activities of the Benefit Systems Group. Our mission is to enhance an active lifestyle and people's development. We believe that being more active means more energy and health, and a better life as a result. Since 2018 we are the holder of the B Corp certification, as the first public company in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. In the area of CSR / ESG, our main goals are:

  • Following the values of B Corp companies - organizations which have incorporated the principles of corporate social responsibility into their business model, engage in solving the most important social problems, and their operation is based on a partnership and ethical model of cooperation with all their stakeholders.
  • Conducting activities aimed at caring for the well-being of employees, supporting local communities and listening to the needs and opinions of stakeholders.