We are B Corporation

Benefit Systems is the first and so far the only listed company in Poland that, after joining the B Corp movement in 2018, renewed its certification in 2023. Recertification confirms that a mature approach to ESG issues, undertaken by Benefit Systems for years, is the right direction.

Benefit Corporation companies include organisations that have incorporated the principles of corporate social responsibility into their business model, are involved in solving the most important social problems, and believe in a partnership and ethical model of cooperation with all their stakeholders. There are currently seven certified companies operating in Poland and over 6,400 worldwide.

As part of the certification, B Lab, which coordinates the whole process, conducts a detailed analysis of the functioning of the company and its environment. To obtain the certificate, a company must score a certain number of points in five categories: corporate governance, employment policy, impact on communities surrounding the company, customer relations and environmental protection. The condition for certification is not only a declaration of activities but also the presentation of documents that confirm the results of the undertaken initiatives and their long-term nature as part of the company’s business strategy. Benefit Systems achieved the best result in such areas as corporate governance, caring for relations with its employees and supporting the community. As part of the recertification, in addition to the parent company, several entities belonging to the Benefit Systems Capital Group were verified, including Benefit Systems Fitness Unit, Vanity Style as well as Benefit Systems International together with foreign subsidiaries operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia.

More information about the B Corporation movement can be found at bcorporation.net. Benefit Systems Group’s B Corp profile is available here. The press release regarding recertification is available here.

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