There are never too many good deeds!

Benefit Systems employees want to help others, just like that, selflessly. In addition to getting involved in Dobry MultiUczynek programme, they are also eager to take part in other, smaller initiatives. For a few years now we have been organising the Blood Hero campaign under which we donate blood to the Blood Donation Centre, and we register ourselves in the DKMS Foundation’s potential bone marrow donor’s database. We are never short of volunteers and dozens of people become our Blood Heroes every year.



Every year before Christmas, when people are particularly concerned about others, our employees willingly engage in the Gwiazdor campaign to give children who are under the care of the Social Welfare Centre in Łódź Christmas gifts they dream about. In 2019, as many as 240 employees got involved in the campaign, preparing a total of 161 gifts. The campaign was initiated a few years ago by one of our employees, who at first organised it in her department, and now works throughout the company. Joint mobilisation and buying gifts within departments and teams also includes an integration element, which is why the company willingly supports the campaign and promotes it on the company's Intranet.

Throughout the year, we also organise collections of clothes, personal hygiene products and necessities for the poor and homeless as well as single mothers and their children. For several years now we have been also collecting plastic caps, which we donate to the Homeless Animals Foundation in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. This action, apart from the charity aspect (the caps are sold, and the profit goes to the Foundation's account), also has a pro-environmental dimension as it allows plastic to be processed and reused.



A corporate event is also a great opportunity to do something good together. Every year during the St. Nicholas’ Day event for our employees’ children we collect charitable points for participating in all attractions, which we then convert into Polish zloty for the benefit of the selected organisation.

Moreover, within the company we engage in many other spontaneous actions that provide help. These include collections of money and things, running events, charity matches, forest cleaning campaigns and many others, because we believe that every good deed matters.