MultiMuzeum is an offer of one-off vouchers that can be redeemed for a ticket to a museum or a centre of science on the list of our partners. 

The offer is available in two options: Gold and Silver, so, before you visit a facility of your choice, please make sure that it accepts the type of voucher you have.


Planning a visit to a museum or a science centre? Find out how to redeem your voucher – it’s easy!


Go to the website:, choose the event that you like and click: “Redeem voucher”.

Enter the voucher code and follow the next steps to complete the process.

Get the electronic ticket – you will find it in your inbox.

Print out the ticket and bring it with you to the museum.


You will be able to enter the exhibit when the code from the ticket printout is scanned so you need to present it at the ticket counter.

Enjoy your visit at the museum and being close to culture!


Don’t want to print the ticket? You don’t have to! You can give the voucher code right at the ticket counter and exchange it for a ticket there. Keep in mind though that in case of popular exhibits or events, it might be a good idea to come with a ticket printout as the number of places on a given day may be restricted.


See the rules of MultiMuzeum


A visit to a museum or a centre of science is an original idea to spend time with your loved ones, for a date or an outing with your kids. Do you want to spend an engaging afternoon? An exhibit can make a walk more appealing; it can also inspire you to go to another city for the weekend.


A great gift idea

Give your loved ones a MultiMuzeum voucher and do not worry if you’ve made the right choice. Your loved ones will pick the museum and the date by themselves!

Time for decision

Feel like a visit to a museum or a science centre but don’t know which one to choose yet? Don’t worry! The voucher is valid three months. There’s plenty of time to make up your mind!

Freedom of choice

Get inspired by the offering of exhibits from the list of our partners in various cities and choose the ones that you are really interested in!


MultiMuzeum for a one-time voucher that you can exchange for a museum or sience center ticket with lists of our partners. They are available in three options - Platinum, Gold and Silver. Before choosing the exhibition you want to participate in, check that your voucher type allows you to visit the place and whether it entitles you to enter the selected exhibition.

MultiMuzeum Platinium

Access to the full offer of museums and science centers throughout Poland

MultiMuzeum Gold

A wide selection of museums and cultural events throughout Poland

MultiMuzeum Silver

Offer of selected museum exhibitions


You can redeem the vouchers in our partner network. The offer includes (but is not limited to) the museums and centres of science in Warsaw, Wrocław, Krakow, Gdynia or Katowice. Check the list of places you can visit with a voucher.

Choose MultiMuzeum

You can receive a voucher from your employer or you can buy it on your own if the company you work for uses the Cafeteria for employees. Go to the Cafeteria and find MultiMuzeum on the offer.

Every employee who works in a company that offers vouchers as part of fringe benefits supporting culture. 

If you are an HR professional looking for fringe benefits for your company’s employees, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.

Use our website at or exchange the voucher at the ticket counter. You can read more on the process on our website and in the tab: How does it work? 


Yes, it is an excellent gift idea! The voucher is valid to the bearer, so it can be used by anyone who presents it.

Unfortunately, a lost paper voucher is lost forever. Due to its form it is impossible to issue a duplicate. The electronic code is a safer choice – you can easily store it in your account in the Cafeteria or in your inbox.

Each voucher has an expiry date. You will find it on the paper voucher and the electronic document. The MultiMuzeum voucher is valid three months from the purchase.